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We are manufacturers & exporter of wide range of Manicure & Pedicure Instruments including Barber scissors, Razor edge & convex edge Scissors, Cuticle Nail Nipper & Scissors, Nail Cutter, Nail Clipper, small scissors, Nose Scissors, Fancy Scissors & Tweezers.

As an infinite range of Manicure instruments, we tried to put the most common range in our  web site. However if some articles are missing or if you require any specific sizing or finishing ( Polish, Satin or Sand finish ) we will be glad to hear from you in order to manufacture them for you.

We can also manufacturing Medical instruments & Dental instruments. We are ...


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Offering various styles and multiple options, personal touch on furniture.


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Create strategic partnership with our clients through total building material



In every dynamic space we create, we unite people with their surroundings 

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We Manufacturer Instruments accordingly to International Standard.


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